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A New World Evolving

We as a species, have entered

into the realm of unsettlement and disruption; required for transmutation...it is the re-arrangement of conscious-perceptional-realities.

We are now active co-creators of our own perceptional-realities.     In truth, we are... as a species        fulfilling our generational destiny.

Active-Choice is power when  coupled with conscious behavior.

We all posses more then we will ever need, require or want. Just ask, listen and act on your desired choice. Embarked on an in-  creditable journey of this lifetime.

It brings forth, multi-dimensional understanding.

With all the blessings the Universe has to offer you and yours.


 TuHearts, Holding One Light
Sisters of the Light

In Service With Spirit

Products and Servcies

Welcome to the a new era. An era is defined as a fixed point in time marked by a memorable or important event or date from which a series of years is reckoned.

                (like, balancing the books in time)

Decades and entire lifetimes are now resting on the shoulders of Hope and Possibilities. The hope is that, this change we find ourselves living through;  will bring changes that we have longed for in our

hearts for so long.            

The lines of the past have been blurred, broken and rescinded with the passing of time. We are being ushered into the new world order with purpose, and direction. Fuelled with hope, possibilities and Faith in the possibility of us. (A United-Species)

No ‘One’… has the map; We are all pieces of the whole...it can not be done without 'us;....and we do have guides, teachers and guidance from the unseen evidence of Spirit’s influences to assist us.

We have all been inspired to step forward, on one path or another...Step forward toward a higher; expanding purpose with a greater rsange of influence....

changeing the world in which we live in.

Much like the year 2014; 2017 is reflective of this period of continuous choices... a time for all of us to harmonize our lives and our world. Since we are all a part of this global world, it is time to become an active part in writing this history; to be reviewed

throughout generations.

Create your own melody, sing your own song with the awareness of how it will effect the overall harmony and live your life to the fullest. Clean up all of our environments (internal and external), and peace on

earth just may begin with you....

in this volume of history.

We are now in an active mix. The mixing of the shades of cultures, races and differences. Time continues to slip us into our future….leading us closure to the muliti-cultural and muliti-dimensional nature -species…      that we are....or very-well could be.

Understanding the power of the choices we make in the course of living our lives. Choices can and do determine the paths we decide to take into the future.

Choices can bring things together or break them apart.

Choices imply creative options; choices can also build bridges and open possibilities. Your choices and decisions can change..


Understanding the hidden power of Choice.

Choose wisely.

Services Avaluable
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Long Distance Consultations-Life
Coaching and Spiritual Coaching

Please note:there is a 2-wks reservation list.

With Love , TuAngels Holding One Light

In Service With Spirit
 Joy & Sandra, In Spirit,


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