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A Transformational Experience

       "Touching the Feminine Spirit"    

Program is designed entirely to support the special Spiritual interest of wemyn. It provides a private and open forum for emotional and spiritual exploration of life issues in the everyday context in which you live. You will learn to use the creative force that lives within the Feminine Spirit.

This program includes educational and informational lectures, open discussions for clear understandings, journaling (dialog with self), reflective time. i activating your bodies’ own natural healing powers.

This is an invitation for you to experience expanded and accelerated personal and Spiritual growth and healing; in an area of the world that is known for it's natural spiritual healing qualities. Sedona is said to be one of the most beautiful and Spiritually active vortex regions in the world...and I have found this to be true.

Experience this life-changing journey!


Products and Servcies


Personal Services


Ongoing Coaching
    Provides active support, and clarity;

as you learn, grow and heal.

Name Interpretation
   Have you ever wondered what your name really means and how it influences your life? It's fun, intriguing and useful. Learn the power in your name and it affects your entire life.

Spiritual Readings
    Ongoing spiritual consultation, support,

guidance and practical solutions.


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